Technology for human..

Al Zubair Group FZE has been serving its customers with new technology at affordable way. One of the key success is our employees. In Al Zubair Group we believe that customer service has reached at its peak. We are known by our customers who demands very high levels satisfaction. The people behind Al Zubair group have more than 25 years of Middle East & India experience in the field of ICT.

Quicker Response

We use required customer response technology to satisfy the speed that customers demand. Our back office team give surprising response to our customers.

Proactive partnership

We value our Partners and the relationship because of our proactive approach to build the market with them. We believe partnership is mutual and has responsibility.

TRUST by dealers

Our dedicated and non-dedicated dealers appreciate need trust worthy engagement. We deliver it with trust. We have been dealing trust for more than 20 years.

A family group

Employees are our key to success. Learning the culture is one of the key responsibility of employee. We are very much value the personal life. Our current and ex-employees value the life that they enjoyed with Al Zubair Group.

In Partnership

Needless to say that we feel very strongly about working in partnership.


Three offices across middle east and India.

Customer base

More than 2500 customer and 400+ dealers.

Middle East coverage

Dedicated partnership in Oman, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait. Direct offices in Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates.


Daily direct delivery to Dubai, Sharjah and Riyadh.

Better buying experience

customer may pay through all possible payment options including business credit cards etc..

Try & buy

Trying before buying will be always a challenge, but our routed demo program support dealers and customers easily and quickly experience the product and solutions.