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Call Recording

Versatile and Compatible

The Matrix is compatible with various types of telecom interfaces:
• Analogue  • Digital   • VOIP &   • ISDN-PRI/BRI

The Matrix operates with most of the leading telephone systems:
• Alcatel  • Aspect  • Avaya  • Cisco  • Ericsson
• Intertel  • NEC Phillips  • Nortel  • Panasonic
• Samsung  • Siemens and several other models.

AQM - Agent Quality Monitor

The Matrix provides comprehensive agent evaluation tools that may be used for quality evaluation purposes to optimize productivity.

The AQM module is equipped with a broad range of tem-plates for generating evaluation forms and agent reports.
This optional feature is available with free seating management. The Matrix also provides an option to integrate with third party evaluation tools.

Screen Capture Module

The screen capture module of DGVox enables the administrator to capture and evaluate the on screen information available on the call agent's screen. This powerful tool helps to monitor, evaluate and validate the information available to the call agent in order to optimize productivity and customer satisfaction.

Integration - Avaya & Cisco

Avaya CTI is an open, scalable, highly reliable and secure IP telephony platform. It manages the extensions where calls are to be recorded, and provides the underlying call and media control capabilities. Through this direct integration with Avaya, DG-Vox is able to capture and analyze all relevant information including call details, agent details and agent activities such as hold, transfer etc more precisely. DGVox provides agent quality monitoring using these details.

Project / Task based Grouping

Voice channels can be grouped based on project, task, department or specific skill sets. This optional feature ensures accurate and comprehensive reporting with advanced user management capabilities.

Open APIs for Seamless Integration

The advanced configurable software engine provides an ideal integration platform with open APIs for seamless deployment on any existing IT backbone. This optional feature ensures minimal restructuring and downtime, in addition to savings on procuring new infrastructure. Evaluation tools, CRM, other applications and databases can be easily integrated using Matrix’s open APIs.

Secure Access & Audit Trail

Access to the Matrix software and servers are  monitored using fine-  grained controls. Multi-level  alphanumeric passwords can be set for access to various levels and functions. Multi-user access control provides easy grouping and administration of voice channels, to ensure comprehensive user  management capability. This enables you to control and assign each user profile with tailor made multi- tasking capabilities.

Remote Live Monitoring

The web-based monitoring module allows for voice streaming over the Internet. This means that live voice can be monitored over the Internet from anywhere around the globe. Our proprietary compression algorithms can be invoked to minimize the size of voice files, thereby ensuring minimal bandwidth usage.

Scheduled Archiving

The scheduled archiving module enables automated archiving of the critical voice and data. The DGVox administrator can opt for system generated archive job, which will automatically execute the archive on a predefined date and time. This feature eliminates the human interaction up to a large level and ensures that the critical data is safe and archived, leaving the administrator time to focus on other critical tasks.

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